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Testimonials – What our patients are saying

“The leg pain is still present, however, I feel more limber due to the exercises. Dr. Masters educated me on the effects Diabetes has on the circulatory system. I am now on a protein diet, no sugar or starches and my morning blood sugars dropped 30 points. My blood sugars don’t spike as before and this should lower my A1C.” – T. Sankot

Dr. Masters is a friendly and caring doctor who treats you with respect and guides one to get well soon. A true professional experience with Tomar Pain Centers. – T. Rothwell

Dr. Masters listened to me descrive my pain and asked me about my diet and lifestyle. He made it clear, my best option was a lifestyle change, lose weight, stretch and walk. He also suggested lab testing.He gave me three session of shots for the pain, which gave me relief. I have implemented the lifestyle changes and I am seeing good results, weight loss, NO PAIN and feel better about myself. I highly recommend Tomar Pain Centers! – Judy

Amazing results! When I arrived I couldn’t stand upright or walk properly. After one injection I was dramatically improved after completing the series I was totally pain free. The entire team at Tomar Pain Centers is encouraging, professional, and caring. The banter and exchanges between Dr. Masters, Jessica and Daisy actually make the whole process entertaining. They are the best.” – S. Owens

My treatment by Dr. Masters has been an amazing journey. I came to him after multiple surgeries on both my lumbar and thoracic spine. The surgeries stabilized my back, but left me in intense pain which required multiple Opioid prescriptions to control, but never seemed to eliminate the pain.

I came to Dr. Masters hoping to reduce the pain as all pain injection treatments by other doctors done previously never eradicated the pain, but just lessened the pain. I put myself and my trust in Dr. Masters who gave me some lifestyle changes to make such as, stretching, vitamin supplements and the like, but he also performed lumbar injections starting January of 2017.

The results where dramatic and within a week the pain that I have been living with for 5 years was gone. Completely gone. I immediately stopped all the Opioid prescriptions and have not had the need for them for over 60 days.

I am presently in the process of reducing the quantities of the other prescriptions I am on and hope to eliminate or reduce the quantities of the other non-narcotic prescriptions.

Dr. Masters and his staff are truly nice people who take excellent care of their patients.” – Darleen R.

I have been pain free for six months. I had pain in my back from 2 pinched nerves. I went to another pain center and all they did was shots and pain pills. They worked for maybe a week or so. After going to Tomar Pain Centers with Dr. Masters 6 months ago, I have been feeling great. He put me on a program with diet, vitamins, and stretching, along with shots that don’t destroy my bones. As a result, I have lost weight and feel great. Plus, Dr. Masters, his nurse Sue, and front office girls are great. I am treated like a person, not a number.” – F. Perrotta


Tomar Pain Centers is Medicare Certified