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Medication / Treatments

Our clinic uses a variety of injectable anesthetic medication for pain control. One of our medications has been used in Europe for over 100 years, and has been used in the USA since 1986. This medication is available world-wide for use as an anti-inflammatory. The medications we use are listed in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) and most are indicated to have no known side-effects and be without contraindications. Additionally, with the non-steroidal medication there is no evidence of the rebound effect (inflammation returning at a greater degree than prior to treatment) that is often times experienced when using steroids.

How many injections do I need to have?

The number of injections can vary from patient to patient. Most people will have a series of three injections spaced one or two weeks apart. This will be determined by your physician.
What can I expect after the procedure?

Most patients report an immediate pain relief due to the local anesthetic. This will last a few hours. Your pain may return and then continue to lessen over the next few days as the anti-inflammatory has time to work. You may also feel some discomfort at the injection sire. This will subside quickly.

Does it Hurt?

It is very important to our patients that we make this procedure as pain free as possible. For those that are very pain sensitive we use an air injection device that permits numbing with local anesthesia instantaneously without the use of a needle. These methods make the procedure virtually pain free.

Illustrated Therapy (Facet Injection)

FACET injections (see illustration) are intended to help you tolerate your prescribed therapy program such as joint and muscle manipulative treatments that promote healing. They are intended to relieve pain and inflammation that can prevent a patient from participating in rehabilitative therapy and may assist in avoiding surgical intervention. Additionally, they can reduce dependency on pain medication.

Tomar Pain Centers is Medicare Certified