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Happy Labor Day! A Message from Dr. Masters: As an ongoing public service to patients and the general public accessing this site, Tomar Pain Centers will be posting regular updates on the COVID-19 infection in Arizona and the USA. In Arizona there are about 190,000 that have tested positive for COVID. Keep in mind that Arizona has a population of almost 8,000,000 people. The urban area of Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma have over 80% of the active COVID cases. Also, people who tested positive are less than 10% of all people who were tested. Currently, over 10,000 people are being tested daily in Arizona. Simply put, more testing, more exposures. Of the vast majority of people tested, 90% of those who test positive will remain asymptomatic or will have very mild (cold flu) like symptoms. Humans have a very effective auto-immune system which creates anti bodies and fights whatever pathogens are around including the COVID virus. As stated previously most people who develop severe symptoms which may require hospitalization are those whose immune systems are compromised, these are people with Cancer, Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease, Heart Problems, Diabetes, and the like. Those individuals have the greatest risk if exposed to any pathogens. Keep in mind in Arizona over 120 people die daily from various causes. Less than 30 die daily from COVID. In Yavapai County for example, 35,000 people have tested for COVID-19 (less than 2,200 are positive). Out of those who have tested positive, 20 have been hospitalized. Yavapai County has population of 230,000. The odds are 100 to 1 of getting exposed to COVID-19 in Yavapai County. Remember frequent hand washing four to five times a day depending on people to people contacts, does prove to limit exposure. Gargling with “Antiseptic liquids like Listerine” swishing for 30 seconds, 2 to 3 times a day kills most, if not all, pathogens in the mouth and throat for several hours. Last but not least, the weather in Arizona will be gorgeous in the Fall. Go outdoors as much as you can, the health benefits of sunlight and fresh air are well known. COVID does not live in the outdoors for long. Tomar Pain Centers’ are open daily to aid in treating muscle skeletal pains and aches. The clinic follows strict Government guidelines in providing clean and sterile environments. Call today to make an appointment. As the Arizona economy reopens, remember to patronize the local businesses. As the churches open again, take a moment to visit and pray. More later, Remember the Bible states eloquently, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” “GOD BLESS AMERICA”

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