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COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS – Common Sense Measures

We are now four months into the COVID epidemic in America. Much has been written and broadcast about precautionary measures to supposedly diminish the chances of catching and transmitting the virus. I will not belabor these various recommendations, since there is much controversy about these measures. Take, for example, wearing masks, inside and outside buildings. A mega study on the masks done in April 2020 points to scant usefulness of the masks in general. The masks examined in the mega study concluded, may be effective in controlling the spread of any virus, but must be accompanied by other measures such as hand washing, isolation techniques such as social distancing, and so on.

This blog, as I mentioned above, deals with other commonsense measures that are very effective in not only building up that immune system but enhancing the health of humans in general. It is useful to remember that, according to the CDC, humans are exposed to over 150 pathogens, bacterial, viral, and otherwise, on a daily basis. This exposure is apart of LIFE on earth, and is part of the human environment. This is why the human auto immune system is so effective is protecting humans by developing antibodies against the various pathogens that we encounter in life.

Humanity has been able to survive on earth not by avoiding pathogens but by being exposed and developing immunity to pathogens. This immunity is what is allowed Europeans to get past the Smallpox pathogen, but killed the native Americans who had no immunity to the pathogen. It is sad to note that the Navajo tribe in Arizona is particularly hard hit by the COVID; the reason being is that their immune system is not on par with others who have better immunity factors. It is also interesting to notes that the greatest number of Americans who are exposed to COVID do not develop symptoms and do not even know that they were exposed. Lastly and very important to remember, the vast number of people exposed to COVID have recovered and are now immune; well over 90 percent of the cases.

Enough of troublesome statistics, let us look at various common sense measures each of us can take, to stay healthy in this environment.

COVID and other viruses enter the human body through the respiratory tract, nasal and oral. Keeping these passages clean and open are primary methods of living healthy.

  1. If you smoke, or use VAPE systems, STOP immediately. Allow the respiratory passages to heal and the lungs to repair. Every cigarette decreases the oxygenation of the lungs and increases the risk of infection.
  2. Exercise, specifically aerobic, forces oxygen into the lings and body and helps not only the healing by energizing the body. 15 to 30 minutes a day of mild to moderate aerobic exercises, such as walking, biking, swimming, Tai Chi, are extremely effective in getting more oxygen into the body to aid the immune system in its job of creating antibodies to infection.
  3. Since one of the major ways COVID and other viruses enter the body are through the nasal passages, keeping these passages clear and free of congestion will go a long way in maintaining health. There are numerous nasal lavage systems on the market, ZIACAM and NAVAGE to name a couple. While these systems are not marketed to eliminate viruses, by keeping the nasal passage clear and clean, viral attacks can be kept to a minimum.
  4. As mentioned in a prior newsletter, the original LISTERINE, in the brown fluid container was marketed to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Gargling 30 seconds at least once or twice a day eliminates pathogens in both the nasal and oral passages. The solution is strong but effective. Just don’t swallow the liquid.

A healthy diet is one of the most important ways of maintaining health and combating infections of any type. Diet not only includes regular nutrition but also supplements such as vitamins, minerals, and adjuvant substances such as herbal additives.

A former blog highlights a high protein diet, at least 100 grams a day, from whatever source, to energize the body and build up the immune system. Eggs, meat, fish, poultry, and beans are all good sources of protein as well as certain grains, such as FARRO and Quinoa which also have substantial protein. In addition, certain vitamins are crucial in building up the immune system:

  1. Vitamin A – while typically known for its positive effect on the eyes and vision, Vitamin A is also very important for the immune system enhancement and is also a very powerful antioxidant. Vitamin A is found in many common colorful vegetables, such as carrots and tomatoes. Its precursor, Beta Carotene, can be taken on a daily basis to enhance the bioavailability of Vitamin A.
  2. The Vitamin B Complex – from the B1 to B12 is crucial in keeping the immune system intact. Supplements such as B100 Complex should be taken on a regular basis. Being water soluble, excess intake is excreted with the urine.
  3. Vitamin C is another powerful immune enhancer and is a very effective antioxidant. During this time of epidemic, Vitamin C should be taken at least three times a day, 1000mg at a time. There is an effervescent for (Emergen C), which is easier on the digestive tract. Vitamin C has been studied extensively over the past 40 years and has found to be very effective in high does (50 grams or more IV) as adjuvant therapy in treating Cancer and severe auto immune diseases.
  4. Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin – was highlighted in a previous blog. Vitamin D, almost a pro hormone, can be synthesized by humans through sun exposure on the bare skin, mostly the torso. Vitamin D is a major substrate in bone formation and the autoimmune system. Adequate amounts at least 1000 to 3000IU daily are suggested for those susceptible to viral infections.

In addition, there are several other supplements that are needed by the human anatomy in fighting off infections from any source:

  1. Zinc – a phenomenal mineral that is vital to human health and well-being. From pregnancy on, Zinc is vital in the development of neural networks and the immune system. It is very vital in would healings and helps regulate blood sugars, and prevent diabetes. It has been shown to enhance vision and is a vital adjunct in cancer therapies. Zinc is found in meats, oysters, fish, and yogurt. Zinc supplements of 25 to 50mg daily are well tolerated. Zinc is one of the essential ingredients of the COVID therapies used in Europe.
  2. Elderberry – an extract from the elderberry plant available in either syrup or capsule form. Elderberry has been shown to reduce the effects of flu and other viral infections by boosting the immune system. Elderberry also helps lower blood sugars and decreases blood pressure. Taken in capsule form (200mg) up to four times a day helps in limiting viral and bacterial infections, especially respiratory in humans.

Lastly, a few words need to be spoken about the Chloroquine/Zinc therapy in treating the COVID infection. Chloroquine is a medication that has been recognized therapy for almost 90 years. Originally used as an anti-malarial medication, it is used in treating auto-immune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. The medication is extremely safe and has been used in most countries around the world. It was a standard medication for our military when stationed in parts of the world subject to malaria infections.

It was tested in the early stages of the COVID epidemic and in many studies found to be efficacious in mitigating the progression and severity of a COVID infections. Currently, it is a recognized therapy in Europe and Asia in treating moderate to sever COVID infections.

It has been a controversial therapy here in the U.S. with many supposedly objective studies showing little positive effect in COVID treatment. There is a bias against the Chloroquine and that has been shown in the studies against its use in therapy.

The jury is still out. Unfortunately, with the political climate in the U.S. against the drug, especially since it is advocated by President Trump, the bias will continue to exist. The key here is that there is enough evidence that the drug may work in many people in treating the virus. Given such evidence, it may have proven benefits for those who have been exposed to the virus and have symptoms.

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