I have severe nerve damage and spinal injuries as a result of wounds incurred during the Vietnam War. I lived with constant and sometimes debilitating pain since 1968. Dr.Masters is providing me with a new lease on life with near pain free health. My treatments range about every 5-6 months and it is an unbelievable experience to be pain free for that period of time. I recommend Tomar Pain Clinic to everyone that needs help in the area of Pain Management.
Robert G.

Who are we and what can we do?

Our facility, Tomar Pain Centers, PLLC, utilizes injection therapy to achieve pain relief. Specifically, our facility uses steroidal and non-steroidal medication for the treatment of pain. When injecting painful muscle skeletal areas with anti-inflammatory medication, we are also able to bathe the surrounding soft tissue as well, decreasing the inflammation to a significant degree and lessening the pain dramatically. This unique technique produces results even when steroidal injections, epidurals or even past surgery may have failed.

Tomar Pain Centers is Medicare Certified

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