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Dolores O.

I chose Dr. Masters after seeing his ad in Lifestyles Magazine. What caught my attention was that it noted Dr. Masters as being a D.O. I have been to Chiropractors as well as other Osteopaths. There are considerable and significant differences between the two. As for myself I definitely get better results and much more relief from an Osteopath.
I had been feeling pain and oddness since a severe fall that I had experienced in late July. Not only did Dr. Masters make me feel immediately better after the treatment but I continue to improve with each visit. Sadly I am returning to Monterey Bay and wish that I could pack him up and take him with me!
Make an appointment with Dr. Masters. You will positively benefit from it. Dr. Masters is enjoyable to talk with, he shares insights about your illnesses and what to do to better live with your ailments. I really like that he doesn't jump to writing prescriptions and having patients quick to swallow pills. Most of all Dr. Masters has a great method of manipulation therapy. Kudos to Dr. Masters because in my book you've outdone any other Osteopath that I have been to.
P.S. The staff are absolutely joyful to share time with and are very compassionate. Definitely a thumbs up!
Dolores O.


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