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D. E. Rodgers

My wife was suffering from severe hip pain and it seemed to be getting worse. For a year, we tried several therapies but with only limited and short-term results. That's when we discovered Dr. Thomas Masters at PC Pain Doctors in Casa Grande. We decided yo visit the office for a consultation. As Dr. Masters explained his process of injecting anti-inflammatory medication directly into painful areas around my wife's sciatic nerve, I thought this will never happen. I knew how adverse my wife was to injections of any kind! But what I didn't consider was the intensity of her pain. It was apparently so bad she readily agreed to give Dr. Masters' approach a try.
Her injections were preceded by an examination in which the doctor pin-pointed the most painful areas. Then, in the operating room, the doctor injected the medicine into those areas.
Afterward, we went home and as instructed, applied ice to the area, got some light exercise, and prepared for our next visit. Three times over a period of about 6 weeks we returned to PC Pain Doctors for injections. By the third time my wife's hip pain had significantly abated and within a few weeks following her last injections the pain was gone for good. It has been over a year now since her last treatment and still no pain.
We are grateful to PC Pain Doctors for the work they did to heal my wife. And I am grateful to their staff for working diligently with our health insurance provider to make it possible for us. We know now that should this pain ever return, she won't have to just live with it.A tune-up session at PC Pain Doctors will solve the problem! Thank You PC Pain Doctors!
D. E. Rodgers, Casa Grande, AZ


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