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I noticed the most that the injections have been working, when I am asked to fill in the pain diagram - my 1st one had x,o etc all over it and my last one only had a handful of ++ !

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The staff at the clinic are very friendly. Dr.Masters, Shirley and Jennifer are very personable. The shots I received helped my back pain which makes my life easier.
Loretta W.
Dr. Masters always takes the time to explain treatment in great detail. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the treatment.

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I feel so much better! So nice to be able to function again and get back outside and work in my garden. I am almost back to walking my normal route.

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I have much less pain and better range of motion since seeing PC Pain Doctors. I am walking without pain and all in all I have a better quality of life. Thank you.
Glenn C.
The office personnel were very nice and helpful and everyone was very professional. After 3 treatments my back pain has gone.
Wanda T.
This place is great, kind, caring and Dr. Masters is the same. He was very encouraging, to take care of one self
Marybeth G.
I first saw the doctor with extreme soreness in my right hip and lower back. Three sessions with Dr. Masters and I am pain free with a full range of motion.

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Three weeks ago when I came here I was in a lot of pain. I had been taking pain pills and sleeping pills to ease the pain, nothing worked the pain was there everyday. Now, I have NO pain, NO burning, NO headaches and I feel great.

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I was virtually pain free after the first two treatments. The staff is great, they made me feel welcomed and at ease.
Phillip S.
Before I saw Dr.Masters I had severe neck and shoulder pain. After my first visit the pain was cut by 75%. My second week the pain was cut to about 95-98%.

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I feel great! I would like to thank the staff at PC Pain Doctor. The staff is very nice! After each injection I could feel the benefits, which in turn, encouraged me to continue with the injection series. Thank you! Keep up the good work!!
Leah J.
I have been getting pain injections for my back (shoulders & lower back) and I also have extreme fibromyalgia. With the injections I am able to smile and walk around without constant pain.
Sharran L.
I have severe nerve damage and spinal injuries as a result of wounds incurred during the Vietnam War. I lived with constant and sometimes debilitating pain since 1968. Dr.Masters is providing me with a new lease on life with near pain free health.

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I was having upper back & neck pain that was causing terrible headaches. My headaches were becoming a daily occurrence that was so bad I was calling in sick to work. Dr.Masters did spinal & facet injections that helped me so much! My headaches are much less frequent - maybe one a month and much less severe.

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I feel so much better it is so nice to be able to function again, get back outside working in my yard and garden, and almost back to walking my normal route. I really missed walking. I would recommend Dr.Masters to others in pain.
Carol M.
I heard about the Center on KAHM radio. The few doctors who handle back pain refused me because of my type of insurance. At Tomar Pain Centers they treat me very nice and have always been available to help me with my concerns.

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Before treatment I was in extreme pain and unable to function without pain pills. After 4 sessions I am without pain, almost entirely able to stand straight and I feel better than I have in years.
Olly C.
No pain anymore in lower back. Everyone was very pleasant, professional and kind.
Darlene D.
We are full time RVers and consequently did not have a doctor here. I looked in the phone book for pain management centers and found Dr. Masters. I found Dr. Masters to be genuinely concerned about my pain and how I was feeling.

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For many years surgeries, medication and therapy consumed my daily life and the pain and discomfort were always with me day and night. Days, weeks, months, and years was my life, I was always hurting. I was holding off sending this to see if I started to feel the horrible discomfort I had for so long.

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I chose Dr. Masters after seeing his ad in Lifestyles Magazine. What caught my attention was that it noted Dr. Masters as being a D.O. I have been to Chiropractors as well as other Osteopaths. There are considerable and significant differences between the two. As for myself I definitely get better results and much more relief from an Osteopath.

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My Husband and I are snowbirds and we were looking for a Pain Management clinic here. Before seeing Dr. Masters I was experiencing severe pain in my shoulder. I contacted PC Pain Doctors and was able to get in the following week.

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My wife was suffering from severe hip pain and it seemed to be getting worse. For a year, we tried several therapies but with only limited and short-term results. That's when we discovered Dr. Thomas Masters at PC Pain Doctors in Casa Grande. We decided yo visit the office for a consultation. As Dr. Masters explained his process of injecting anti-inflammatory medication directly into painful areas around my wife's sciatic nerve, I thought this will never happen. I knew how adverse my wife was to injections of any kind! But what I didn't consider was the intensity of her pain. It was apparently so bad she readily agreed to give Dr. Masters' approach a try.
Her injections were preceded by an examination in which the doctor pin-pointed the most painful areas. Then, in the operating room, the doctor injected the medicine into those areas.

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